DEZLEE is a Live Wire!

An Emcee of wit and humor, he is able to capture his audience
with keen sense of anticipation.

With his natural flair and strong stage presence,
this extremely charismatic gentleman is an excellent dictator
of the evening’s proceedings and will have your guests
enthralled from start to finish. His boundless energy on-stage is infectious.

Dezlee having hosted a wide array of events,
understands that it’s all about studying your
audience and responding appropriately.

Through these years, his astounding and incredible naughtiness
on stage and powerful vocals have thrilled and captured a wide
variety of audiences and guests to tearful endless laughter!

The philosophy of his performance is ‘YOU’ - the audience,
who deserves to enjoy a night of fun in a Dinner and Dance
or be recognized in an Award ceremony.

With an endless stream of satisfied clients,
DEZLEE is the absolute choice for your event as Your Next Show Host!



Other Talents

Dezlee is also the Founder of
World Class Talents
that houses many great Local and International talents which lend supports to all kinds of Events.

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  • Phone:
    (+65) 9008-1446
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  • Address:
    10 Anson Road, 26-04
  • International Plaza
  • Singapore 079903